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Vertical Yacht Club - Thunder Alley

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there other Vertical Yacht Clubs?

AMP is in the process of developing a network of Vertical Yacht Clubs throughout Florida and around the world. As a member of Vertical Yacht Club Thunder Alley, you will have the opportunity to receive reciprocal rights at other Vertical Yacht Club facilities as they are constructed.

2. How will my boat be protected?

Vertical Yacht Club Thunder Alley’s state-of-the-art facility will offer hurricane-safe construction. It is designed to surpass Miami-Dade hurricane standards and thereby withstand up to category five hurricane force winds and impacts. Our climate-controlled facility will protect your boat from salt air, salt water and the sun’s UV rays. The patented technology will virtually eliminate the hull and gel coat damage typically associated with human operated forklifts.

3. Do I need any special insurance?

All that is required is standard boat owner’s insurance. However, you will also need to name the marina as an additional named insured on that insurance policy. See your insurance agent for more information.

4. Is having insurance enough?

During hurricane season it isn’t safe to rely on your boat insurance alone to defend you against a storm. According to Hill Underwood at C&L Insurance, here’s why:

  • Generally speaking, it is unlikely that your insurance policy covers you for the “replacement cost” of your boat. As such, over time, as your boat ages, it depreciates and the value of your coverage diminishes accordingly.
  • Windstorm deductibles are rising, leaving you responsible for a significant amount of the repair cost if your boat is damaged.
  • The number of insurance companies writing policies in South Florida is dwindling, so your choice is limited, plus insurance rates continue to rise.
  • If your vessel is located on a trailer or tied up in the water at a dock, or in an older dry storage facility it is susceptible to damage in a storm and subject to hull, electronics and exterior equipment damage as well.
  • If your vessel is damaged in a storm, you’ll have high repair costs and even higher insurance premiums long into the future. Worse yet, insurance companies are putting constraints on the policies they are willing to write and are looking for any excuse to cancel your policy. A major claim may impair your ability to get insurance in the future.
  • If your boat is not at a Vertical Yacht Club facility it may have storm damage and you may experience a very long wait before you receive a settlement from your insurance company and even longer waits for parts and repairs thereby eliminating your ability to enjoy your boating lifestyle. Purchasing a slip at Vertical Yacht Club Thunder Alley provides the best protection available and you’ll be back on the water as soon as the storm passes.
  • Insurance plans have exclusionary stipulations so some damage may not be covered.
  • Upon resale it is your obligation to disclose any damage your vessel has sustained which will significantly impair the resale value of your vessel and damaged vessels depreciate in value faster than a well-maintained vessel. Insurance claims will provide a record of that damage.

Perhaps the best hurricane insurance is a slip at one of the most secure facilities in Miami-Dade County, able to withstand up to category five hurricane force winds – Vertical Yacht Club Thunder Alley.

5. Why rent a dry slip at Vertical Yacht Club Thunder Alley?

There are many great reasons to rent a dry slip at Vertical Yacht Club Thunder Alley. The boating industry is growing and dock space is quickly diminishing, so supply isn’t keeping up with demand. Residential condominium developers have eliminated boat slips at record levels. Plus, hurricanes and tropical storms have destroyed a lot of slips and environmental regulatory land use restrictions have cut supply even further. Vertical Yacht Club Thunder Alley is your opportunity to truly protect your boat not only from hurricane damage but from hull damage caused by older technology.