Thunder Ally
Thunder Ally
Thunder Ally
Vertical Yacht Club - Thunder Alley



Dry dock storage has entered a new era, thanks to the patented Vertical Yachts System™. Our system uses computer-controlled, laser-guided, precision lifting for the storage of boats, utilizing a customizable, secure boat cradle instead of a forklift. Never before has this unmatched level of protection been possible.

  • Hurricane-safe construction withstands up to category 5 hurricane-force winds
  • Uses computer-controlled, laser-guided, precision lifting and storage of boats that utilizes a customizable, secure boat cradle
  • Eliminates limitations and damage associated with forklifts or other antiquated systems
  • Offers quick and easy in-and-out access
  • Offers protection from salt air, salt water and the sun’s UV rays
  • Computer-controlled, laser-guided, precision, boat-lift storage system
  • Climate-controlled, grease- and soot-free from old-fashioned forklifts